A thread from the Patagonia blog led me to discover Alastair Humphreys last weekend.  He is a Brit who has had some typically outrageous adventures (biking around the world, walking across the Empty Quarter desert, rowing the Atlantic), but, more interestingly, is now a vocal advocate for the awesome concept of“microadventures” – “small, local trips that began and ended at his doorstep.”  National Geographic recognized him as an Adventurer of the Year in 2012 for his idea and attempt to inspire many others to follow in his footsteps.  It is a great concept particularly for the life stage I am now in, where blocks of time for adventuring usually come in the duration of hours (or the time it takes my daughter to nap) rather than days or weeks or months!  I want to reflect on and experiment with the concept this year, both for myself (note to self – get bike tires fixed!) and with the whole family.

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